Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick Sammy Story

Last week on my way home from work, I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the Gloucester, Mass teen "pregnancy pact."

Of course, I got upset and sad at this. So I see Sammy when I get in the house and I think, "teaching opportunity..."

I relay the story, to her shock and dismay (Her reaction: "Pardon my language, but - damn!") and told her that the girls were not doing this out of love: [reports were] that one young girl had sex with a homeless man in order to get pregnant. We really didn't discuss any more about that.

So the next day, we were watching TV and some dating commercial comes on. Some guy was going on about how his mom had recommended this site and blah, blah, blah. I'm really not paying attention to what's on. From the couch, Sammy pipes up with: "Well, it's better than Doing It with a hobo."

eHarmony, I think we have a new tagline for you.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lightning Bug Moon

Busy summer weekend with the Millers.

Saturday, we went to the way overpriced Hennepin County Fair. Admission $22 for the 3 of us. (Stella was free). Not too much to do there - Stella went on a pony ride ($5) and a mini-train ride ($3). The rabbit agility show was free and the girls did a craft at the 4H tent. We did get a couple freebies at the Ag booth - a meat thermometer and a ruler. Also a stretchy bracelet that says "2006 Oink Booth" Which was pink and make me think of trichinosis. Shouldn't have it been white? Or grayish-brown. Oh, pork, you are so misunderstood. There was also a kids show that featured a lot of pre-recorded songs by "Nick," who was offering them up on CD for a fee. Oh, would the RIAA frown upon old Nick. I'm thinking we should have gone to Tater Daze in Brooklyn Park instead. Stella had a ball; Sammy, being at THATAGE was underwhelmed.

Sammy and I had our monthly canoe by the full moon through the local park. For every month you complete, you get a snazzy pin. May was the Frog Moon. June is the Firefly moon.

We did much better than we did last time, where we were dead last (the guides kept on reassuring us that "It's not a race!" and "[Hey you two lame-os,](I'm paraphrasing) are you having fun?" Us "yeah" Them: "Well, good then." Us: "Stop patronizing us."

So we were paddling through the lake and some SLCs (Scary Looking Clouds) drift in. Sammy and I get slightly freaked as we are in open water, in aluminum canoes with a storm approaching. Our leisurely nature paddling turned into a frantic haulass to the dock. We were doing fine until the storm winds hit. Up until then, there was no wind. When the storm hit, the winds blew us off course and we had to work twice as hard to get to shore. We just made it before the rain hit. It is a freaky feeling being on a lake during a lightning storm. We did get our pin and did not get electrocuted, so it was a win-win.


Heading to drop off some library books and we see smoke in the grass by the side of the road. We pull over and circle back and see that the grass is on fire. I hand a water bottle to L and he gets out and douses the fire. He found a firecracker in the midst of it all. So small excitement on a Sunday.

Stella and I went to the garden shop and got a bunch of 50% off annuals to jazz up the yard. Stella was a good helper and made sure all the plants (and herself) were watered.

So we've got the Sunday night letdown/winddown now. Sammy's going to the Y camp this week. Stella's letter of the week is G. CSA is on Thursday. And I'm so very tired right now.