Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bacon Salt!

We had a fairly low key weekend.

Saturday - saw WALL-E at the 10 am showing. Smart move as there were not that many folks that could get their collective act together to make that early showing. Stella did very well - only squirming toward the end. She had only one potty break. And now she can impressively mimic a computer-generated voice saying. "Wall-e." and "Evvvv-ah"

Sammy had a sleepover Saturday night - we had some Mom/Sammy time and went geocaching. We got stuck in some rain and brush. I still feel like there's bugs on me. We also swung by the Charles Burwell house in Minnetonka, which was doing an open house/ice cream social.

I mildly embarrassed Sammy by chanting, "Ha-ha. You're learning about wheat milling on your summer vacation!" It was a cool tour - I've driven by the house several times and have been wanting to peek in on that. We also saw the Hopkins Woodwinds Concert Band play Stars and Stripes Forever. Sammy says that they sounded better than the Wayzata Middle School band because they had more than a week to practice. She did let out a "woo! Clarinet!" too.

We TiVo'ed SNL last night as they were rebroadcasting the first episode hosted by Carlin. Have to watch that later. Andy Kaufman was on that show as well.

Which brings us to the title of this entry... In the Strib's taste section, they mentioned this little product called "BaconSalt," that gives everything a bacon-y essence. We went to the Lund's on Vicksburg to get some, but they had it in the back - you have to ask for it. I'm grilling some hot dogs right now - which will likely get some BaconSalt treatment.

I will experiment and let you know how it fares. There's also a recipe for Bacon Mayo on their website that I must try.


deeje said...

BaconSalt? Seriously?! Now I have to look next time I'm in Byerlys; and I can't even imagine where one would use such a product.

This probably means that Mister D will be All Over the BaconSalt... if a foodstuff sorta squicks me out, chances are good that he'll dig it.

Greta said...

L is all over it. I guess after the initial shock, it's okaaaaaay. Maybe I have to find the right carrier for it. yuk - that sounds so diseas-y

deeje said...

Hee! "Diseas-y."

angelena99 said...

I can't wait to try it. I looked to see which stores have it in my area. I'm going to put it on scrambled eggs, I think, and then who knows what else!?

deeje said...

Over dinner tonight, I remembered to tell mister d. about BaconSalt. He wanted to jump right up Then And There and go to the store.

I just told him Angie's suggestion of using it on scrambled eggs, and now it's a given... we'll have BaconSalt in the house for the weekend. I *knew* he'd be all over this stuff!