Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What's been going on?

The girls are 11 and 4. Summer is in full swing. Big One has a lot of activities planned. Lil' One is starting preschool soon. Just took Skywarn class. Had a birthday this past weekend. Hub got a hammock for me, but the girls seem to have more fun on it. I feel like I'm kind of getting my bearings after being so damn go-go-go the past few weeks.

It's a beautiful summerish day - think I'll go and read in the hammock. Skeeters be damned.

Time for a Stella Story: I was waking her up the other day. "No, Mommy," she said groggily. "You have to do this." And then she slapped her cheeks a couple times. I told her that we don't do that and that is only in cartoons. She replied, "Oh, okay then."

Sammy is taking a week long Band day camp. She was psyched as one of the sessions was "Jazz Improv." Then after she had it, she was less psyched. She has a concert on Thursday - selections include Ode to Joy, Surfin' USA and Stars and Stripes Forever. She does not like the last one as the clarinet part is "boring," the "brass have all the fun" and "2/2 time is hard to count to." Stella will not be joining us at this concert as the Spring Middle School concert caused her much distress as it was "TOO LOUD!" I missed 7/8 of the concert as Stell and I sat in the adjacent gym and did dot-to-dots.

Stella's daycare is having "Beach Week" Today was Water Day, where I guess they hose down the preschoolers. Barbie towels are involved. The letter of the week is F. Sammy (of course) whipped her head around quickly when I asked Stella if we could think of any "F" words. ("You're going to teach her THAT?") Yes, Sammy, and I will tuck flash cards into the Daycare Bag along with the Snoopy blanket. Hey: flash cards start with F. There was some drama earlier this week as she was quite upset that it wasn't E week anymore as she was not done with Elephants or eggs. So I need to find a fish or a flower or something f-ish for tomorrow's show - n- share. I'm thinking obscene flash cards won't cut the mustard.


Jennifer said...

Happy belated!! Hope you got the giftie from the Fightin' Farleys. I have a similar f-word story from Caty which I will share sometime soon. Cool that you have your own blog! Hopefully this won't be the only way we hear from each other but it is a step in the right direction!

deeje said...

Happy birthday from me too!

Did you find any Ferns growing out back for Stella to share?