Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome Back

So we get home from vacation on Wednesday and we're all hot, sweaty and cranky from the car ride. I get Stella settled down on the couch and I think - it's 1pm, I still have 1/2 a day of vacation left to relax. Cool.

I go to the freezer and get one of Stella's freezie pops (she calls it "popsicle with NO STICK!") and they're kind of squishy. I think that L may have loaded these in earlier today in anticipation of our return, so I find one of the more solid ones and hand it off to Stella.

I go back to the freezer and see that EVERYTHING is covered with a thick layer of frost - like the door may have been open. I call L and he said he was hearing clicks from the fridge all night.

Oh crap.

I immediately get a laundry basket and load it up with the freezer contents - meats first, freezie pops next and everything else I can cram into the chest freezer downstairs. There are casualties. And almost full 5 qt ice cream bucket gets dumped as it is liquid. So sad. And several tupperware containers full of archived soup gets chucked as well.

I get the milk and lunch meat downstairs into the dorm room fridge. We had a lot of produce, which we kept in the fridge until L came home and got ice cubes for the big cooler. (oh, word to the wise: check the drain plug before you dump two huge bags of ice in a cooler.)

I had a digital thermometer in the freezer - 50 degrees. ouch.

We get CenterPoint to come out and fix it, but they can't come out until Thurs AM. They put us down for first thing, however.

It's fixed for now. We're on the service plan in case of future issues. I have a wealth of clean tupperware. And I took advantage of an empty fridge to get it cleaned out.

So, big PITA, but it's fixed now.

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pumpkinmommy said...

Lost ice cream, ouch! Lost soup, double ouch!