Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back Home

Well, Sammy's home from her camp - it was at the University of St. Thomas - Science and Technical Camp for girls. She had a good time, but had some homesickness early on. She made some new friends and did a lot of cool things like:
  • Made a crystal radio.
  • Created little discs in a plastics lab.
  • Made and flew a RC airplane.
We went out to the TriValley Fly Field on Wednesday night to watch her fly her plane. She did very well. L took a video of it and I'll link it here.

It lost power halfway through and the plane "caught a thermal" updraft and kept on climbing higher. The RC club guys were impressed with Sammy's flying skilz and called her "Amelia Earhart." Sammy was impressed because she had just done a report on AE a couple months ago.

Sammy and Stella at the Fly Field
Sammy waiting to fly her plane...

Thursday we had a bad storm roll into MSP. It took out the power at work around 12:45 or so. The power wasn't restored until 8:30 that night. As we were released a little early from work, I took advantage of the extra time and rolled into St Paul to pick up Sammy with plenty o' time to spare. I hit Izzy's ice cream and had a cotton candy single scoop with a cream cheese Izzy on top. Oh, for yummy...

Next, as I was dying of a headache, I headed over to Eric and Annie's house and visited there. (Well, I kind of just died on the couch after Annie very very kindly gave me many headache relieving drugs and a coke, which helped tremendously.)

Annie came along to Sammy's graduation, which was a big surprise to Sammy. They had a very cute ceremony (with a lot of "whooo"s and screeches at a pitch that only middle schoolers can achieve.) Sammy was given the "Helping Hands" award as she was always pitching in.

So we got our baby back. She was so tired and overwhelmed from the week. She slept great in her own bed and I think she's getting back to normal. Yes, I think she's sick of us again.

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