Sunday, July 13, 2008

Psych! You're Enjoying Art!

To get out of the house, we took the kids to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and let them run around. Well, it was more like Stella ran around and we all chased her.

In these pictures you can also see my new RED hair color.


deeje said...

Eee! RED! But what fun! How/when did you decide to change it up?

I love the Sculpture Garden, and your pix reminded me that we haven't been there in ages. We just don't think to go there, which is ridiculous considering everything else that's Just Around The Corner that we DO get to regularly. We make no sense sometimes.

Geez, now I want to play hookey from work and go see Spoonbridge and Cherry! Except that it's surface-of-the-sun hot out.

angelena99 said...

Hey, that's cool! If I'm ever in MPLS again, I'll go see that.

Well, unless it's surface-of-the-sun hot or butt-cold.

Greta said...

So, that would be 2 days in September, I guess...

Deeje - I've been slowly turning grey here and there and I thought, well, I'll embrace the grey. Then it looked kinda old. And it's just hair. So Sammy and Lawrence picked out that color for me. Wee! It's funny - all the women at work commented on it, but none of the guys did.

deeje said...

Hee! Isn't that just like guys at work... half of them probably didn't even realize your hair was a totally new color. Nice work, Sammy and L; it's a great color!

If you're ever in Minneapolis *again*, angelena?! That better have been many many years ago, chickie. Next time, you'd call greta and me the very first thing, wouldn't you?