Saturday, July 19, 2008

NaNaNaNaNaNaNa- Bat Moon!

Sammy and I had our latest Canoe When The Moon is Full. It was the Bat Moon. I'm thinking it was a coincidence with the Dark Knight premiere, as we did not get any Joker swag.

Here's the pins that you get when you do the walk/canoe events:

This was Sammy's favorite CWTMIF event. It was very rustic - at the Baker Near Wilderness Settlement. The previous two were at more populated and public facilities (ie no snack bar - or lighted paths/parking lots here).

The last two canoeing events, were a more dusky affair - not exactly that dark. The naturalist/guide stalled waiting for more people to show and we heading out on a relatively long trek through the woods to get to the dock. We encountered hundreds of fireflies on our walk, which was amazing.

Like I said, this was rustic - we had to unlock our canoes and portage them along a path to the dock. Sammy was a champ and was able to hold up her end of the canoe with little difficulty. Our guide put a couple lanterns on the dock as a homing beacon, and Sammy and I were off in the twilight, Sammy sporting a blue glow necklace, which served both fashionable and functional purposes - so others could see us and not smash into us.

This canoe trip we enjoyed as we were off by ourselves. The lake has no public access, so we were the only 8 canoes on it. There was no wind, which makes canoeing easier, but the bugs were pretty rough and the sky was clear, unlike the last time we went - Firefly Moon, rechristened Lightning Bug Moon.

We were rewarded by seeing the huge moon rise over the lake. We also spied Jupiter brightly shining in the East.

As most of the canoes were spread out on the lake, we couldn't hear many other voices - a faint "Marco!" "Polo!" coming from a couple canoes from the distance.

I told Sammy to be quiet for a moment to see if we could hear any animals or bird sounds. Sammy was quiet for all of 15 seconds and then said, "I have to break wind." Then the squeakiest little fart emanated from her. Okay, so much for sounds of the wild.

We ending up being on the water until 10pm and got back to the lodge about 10:30. As there were no lights heading back to the lodge and the parking lot, we got in a little bit of stargazing too. Sooo pretty.

Sam and I are going to finish the canoeing events and are thinking about doing the Full Moon walks or snowshoeing in the winter.

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angelena99 said...

These sound like such a cool one-on-one mom-daughter time.

I miss fireflies! We don't have them where we are....

And I am such a 12-year-old that I snickered aloud at the 'sounds of the wild' story.